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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Respiratory Medicine in India in the 21st Century

In the first half of the 20th century tuberculosis was the main focus of attention for respiratory physician and was still known as TB specialist rather than pulmonologist. but with time role of respiratory physician is growing. Currently sleep medicine and critical care medicine has became integral part of respiratory medicine. Now respiratory specialist require greater knowlege and more active participation in multi-organ involved cases. At present in India there is course in diploma in respiratory medicine, MD in respiratory medicine, DM in pulmonary medicine and DNB in respiratory medicine. After completion on MD respiratory medicine one is elligible for DM pulmonary medicine, DM cardiology and Fellowship DNB in critical care. In days to come we will see a greater role of pulmonologist in disease management.


  1. In India, post graduation in pulmonary medicine(either Diploma or Degree) is given to medstudents after the completion of MBBS as in comparision with the US where pulmonary medicine is a fellowship and can be done only after completion of internal medicine.

  2. are you sure that md pulmonology or respiratory medicine is eligible for dm cardiology?

  3. can an MD Respiratory medicine pursue DM Cardiology?

  4. MCI had in 2010 released a circular equating MD (TB & CD) with MD (Medicine) for DM Cardiology and had sent it to all medical colleges conducting DM entrance. I have seen that circular with my eyes.
    But that hasn't yet been applied and enforced. Probably need a Court order to enforce that.
    Dr Saurabh Karmakar

  5. gradual progress of DM pulmonary medicine in various institute will help in upgradation of this specialty.....delhi university has accepted MD respiratory med as candidate for DM cardiology

  6. HI..
    For a rank of 2518 in AIPGMEE,where can i expect to get chest medicine.Kindly help...

  7. hi i would like to know wat is the future for a dnb pulmonary med in both small n big places


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